Joining a Sorority

Updated: Jan 4

So you got into your dream school. You are very excited to begin your new journey off to college and start the next chapter of your life. You also are very excited to join a sorority. I remember during my orientation at school wanting to know more about sororities, rush and how to join. Deciding to rush a sorority can be one of the most exciting things to do in college. So...where to start?!

A lot of girls I meet have no clue how daunting the process can be. Especially if you're going to a large school with a BIG rush. I'm looking at you Alabama/TCU/Ole Miss/UGA ;)

Most of my girls also have moms who are just as lost and don't understand the in's and out's of the process. There is so much going on even before you step foot on campus to move in. Who to ask for a letter of recommendation/Thank you cards/Social Resume/ blah blah blah. However, these are all very important things to keep in mind.

That is where Greek Chic comes in. Not only can we direct you in the right direction, but we help you with how to "market yourself" during rush. What you should be doing leading up to it. Let's get started!


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